Club History

East Fremantle Junior Football Club, founded in 1955 by V. Tuttlebee and W. Bowater, has the picturesque Henry Jeffery Oval for its home ground.  The EFJFC has a rich club history, and this page is home to historical facts and documents.

Currently Dale Jones is working hard to populate this page with data from EFJFC’s past. If you have any documents, pictures or other items you think we would be interested in, please contact us.


Historical Documents

A selection of EFJFC Yearbook’s have been restored to PDF.  You can download them from our Yearbook’s Archive, and view in a PDF viewer


Life Members

1962 Mr. D. Hume
1963 Mr. & Mrs. L. Forsyth
1964 Mr. & Mrs. W. Bowater
1965 Mr. & Mrs. D. Gabrielson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Deveson
Mr. & Mrs. H. Winter
Mr. Merton Davies
1966 Mr. Frank Pitcher
Mr. & Mrs. D. Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. C. King
Mr. G. Pescud
1967 Mr. & Mrs. J. Radford
Mrs. S. Tuttlebee
1969 Mr. & Mrs. J. Trott
Mr. & Mrs. K. Buss
Mr. & Mrs. B. Woodhouse
Mr. R. Maxwell
1970 Mrs. Elsie Davies
1971 Mrs. S. Blight
Mr. Graeme Marshall
1972 Mr. H. Caird
1973 Mr. G. Verco
Mr. & Mrs. R. Munro
1974 Mr. & Mrs. R. Poore
Mr. D. Hudson
1976 Mr. & Mrs. R. Elson
Mr. & Mrs. R. Byers
Mr. & Mrs. K. Hankinson
1977 Mr. K. Wych
Mr. Harry Cunnold
1978 Mr. & Mrs. R. Jones
Mr. Frank Poore
1979 Mrs. Jean Parkinson
Mr. & Mrs. K. Tincombe
1981 Mr. & Mrs. S. Whipp
Mr. & Mrs. M. Whiteford
Mr. E. Crouch
1982 Mr. & Mrs. T. Bodycoat
Mr. Carl Micale
1983 Mr. & Mrs. R. Parnell
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bogensperger
1984 Mr. & Mrs. G. Hollands
Mr. Arthur Kay
1986 Mr. Neil Phillips & Mrs. Janice Phillips
Mr. N. Zafer
1987 Mr. & Mrs. T. Woodall
1988 Mr. Les Edmonds & Mrs. Yvonne Edmonds
Mr. Ron Cruickshank
1989 Mr. G. Servillo
1991 Mr. B. Casey
Mr. D. Herrington
1994 Mr. R. Pearse
1995 Mr. R. Cox
1996 Mr. & Mrs. J. Jenkins
2000 Mr. J. Rose
Mr. N. Watson
2002 Mr. B. Monteath
Mr. J. Lockyer
2004 Mr. C. Campbell
Mr. A. Buhagiar
Mr. F. Pasquarelli
2006 Mr. J. Holmes
2009 Mr. K. Warren
2013 Mr. Gary Dundon
Mr. Barry Dux
Mrs. Penny Lombardo
Mr. Mark Merendino



Past Presidents

1958-1965 Mr. D. Hume
1966-1969 Mr. R. Deveson
1970-1971 Mr. B. Woodhouse
1972 Mr. H. Caird
1973-1974 Mr. R. Munro
1975-1977 Mr. R. Byers
1978-1979 Mr. M. Whiteford
1980-1981 Mr. T. Bodycoat
1982-1983 Mr. G. Hollands
1984 Mr. S. Whipp
1985-1986 Mr. Neil Phillips
1987-1988 Mr. N. Zafer
1989-1992 Mr. A. Kay
1993-1995 Mr. R. Cox
1996-1997 Mr. B. Casey
1998-2000 Mr. N. Watson
2001-2004 Mr. T. Smith
2005 Mr. J. Holmes
2006-2007 Mr. M. Merendino
2008 Mr. K. Warren
2008-2009 Mr. A. Bockman
2009-2011 Mr. Gary Dundon
2012- Mr. Travis French