EFJFC 2021 Committee Members

President Matt Marinovich   email
Vice President Nikki Hevron   email
Treasurer Heath Nelson   email
Secretary Kate Whitton   email
Registrar Jema Ritchie   email
Canteen Rebecca Sofield   email
Coaching Tony Timothy   email
Property Manager Darren Jones   email
Fundraising and Events Gill Kenny   email
Auskick Shannon Mullen   email
Starkick Steve Flanagan   email
Girls Football Shirley Elliot & Graham Hughes   email
Social Media Tony Timothy   email
Grounds and Facilities Damien Cox   email
Merchandise Tegan Allen   email
Sponsorship Paul Criddle   email
Medals and Photos Vacant   email
First Aid Co-ordinator Anna Whitby   email
Advocate Mark Merendino   email
General Committee Kurt Regan, Stuart Griffiths, Andrew Siegart, Jodie Payne   email