Statement Of Purpose

The East Fremantle Junior Football Club (EFJFC) aims to provide an opportunity for all children aged 5 to 17 in the wider East Fremantle area to participate in Australian Rules Football and enhance their health and wellbeing through organised sport.

The EFJFC will endeavour to do this through the following guiding principles:

  • Encouraging an environment of fun and enjoyment for Players, Coaches, Officials, Parents and Supporters.

  • Promoting a friendly, positive image and encouraging and welcoming parent support and involvement at both team and club level.

  • Promoting the virtues of fair, consistent and disciplined play.

  • Fostering and maintaining a “Club & Team First” culture within all grades.

  • Developing fitness, football and team building skills.

  • Ensuring at all times there is respect for umpires, officials, opposition players and supporters.

  • Being committed to ensuring continual player development at all levels by:

  • Supporting the development and ongoing learning requirements of coaches.

  • Accessing guest and specialist coaches to support the club programs already in place.

  • Developing lasting relationships with local schools.

  • Fostering and maintaining relationships with all senior clubs in our area to ensure our players have a variety of pathways to senior football, regardless of their skills and ability.

  • Establishing processes and relationships that improve communications between the EFJFC and the East Fremantle District Football Development Council’s District Squad and Academy Programs.

  • Work with parents, players and club officials to ensure a shared understanding that the club’s focus is on player participation and skill development and that winning isn’t everything. The club believes that this focus must continue through all grades, noting that:

  • For Junior Rules grades (9’s to 12’s) – the club encourages coaches and officials to ensure that all players who behave in accordance with the players code of conduct, are to be given the opportunity to experience a variety of different playing positions/zones over the entire season.

  • For the Youth Football grades (13’s to 17’s) – the club encourages a continued emphasis on participation and inclusiveness, whilst also acknowledging that a competitive focus can be healthy for an individual’s development, player retention and general team morale.

These Guiding Principles will be realised by providing as far as practicable:

  • Competent coaches and assistants.

  • Adequate facilities, amenities and equipment.

  • Supervised social functions, encouraging family participation.

  • Regular communication and consultation with players and parents. Active leadership and management of the Club.

All players, Coaches and Officials, parents, supporters and Committee members have a responsibility at all times when representing the East Fremantle Junior Football Club to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner consistent with these values and or Codes of Conduct.

Developed by: Daniel Richards (EFJFC Coaching Coordinator)
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